Nichiren Peace Center

Vancouver Island Retreat Garden, a Buddhist Community

Nichiren Buddha Center

Nichiren Buddha Center:  Announcements:  Congratulations to those who shared ShoDai Meditation last night and today’s Retreat a nice personal day of sharing, caring, meditation, chanting.

Weekly Events:   Working on weeding garden, getting potato patch ready.  Nice donation of garden pots, thank you Richard.   MEDITATION: Wednesday 7 PM — Thursday 9 AM everyone welcome  Enjoy the Videos.  Come for Formal TEA Ceremony!

Meditation the Art & Act of Mindfulness

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Nichiren Buddha Center: A walk in the forest, beside the Cowichan River for a thousand years. A place to contemplate life as it is.  The sounds of nature, the release of anxiety, busyness, the calming of body, mind and soul. All are welcome here to this community of spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means. A place of retreat with purpose, a place to learn Four Pathways to health and happiness! 

Become Part of the Legacy!  A peace center and retreat garden in the Cowichan Valley, here on Vancouver Island. This is your invitation to become part of the Legacy. A program open to people from all cultures, all walks in life, with a vision to share with all who come here, to find health of body, mind and spirit; inner happiness and prosperity.

 We are a devoted community of like minded, spiritually engaged Buddhists who have taken a vow to spread the philosophy of wisdom and peaceful means where ever we walk.  The vision and goals of this pioneering effort, in this forest of retreat, is to share the benefits of a walk in the park, a place to visit the quietude of discovery of the inner self. A place of personal privacy, a time for service, a time with a Teacher/Messenger and time for self. The active goal is the achievement of spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means. Understanding that wisdom and enlightenment take time and development, we are happy to share the pathway to enlightenment: “carry water, harvest vegetables, chop wood.”  Having achieved wisdom then happily to “carry water, plant vegetables, chop wood,” awakening enlightenment within the circle of life. Opening the door to awakening, insight and mindfulness, all are welcome here!

Nichiren Peace Center

The Long Term Goal, profound, a Park of natural beauty, a place of peacefulness with the opportunity to assist those who suffer from the stress of life. A land for those who have need of getting away from the busyness that causes Health issues; a land of gracefulness, with a teacher and like minded community of compassion who offer an opportunity of awakening to the important issues of this life, making the change in the world by being a peace with oneself, family and friends.  A sharing of offerings that encompass Ones past, present and future.  This park we call Lotus Land an offering in the here and now.  Come for a visit, come for a meditation walk, come see and feel the light and energy of a thousand years!

 Your suggestions, questions and assistance a beneficial blessing, thank you! Ask for our Discovery Package, your guide to more information about the Vision and Goals of the Nichiren Peace Center here on Vancouver Island. Come for a Formal Tea Ceremony! Come share with us your dreams and visions of a better world. Become part of the Legacy for Peace, in this pioneering Canadian Retreat Garden, a place where together we will achieve wonderful happenings. Thus It Has Been Shared Respectfully,  #N. Henry Nyudo Buddha


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