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Curriculum Vitae of N. Henry, Nyudo Buddha

Summary Qualifications

  • Buddhist Teacher – Messenger –  33 Years
  • Ten years world religious study
  • Founder of Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko [Lotus] Society of Vancouver Island- 2003
  • Administrator Nichiren Buddha Retreat Center
  • Life Skills Counsellor
  • Spiritual Care Worker [Hospice]

Early Career Accomplishments:

  • PenLan Career Group, Founder/Business Manager, 1985 – 2000
  • Victoria, BC, Counselor/Career Coach/Consultant [business sold]
  • Over 22,000 clients served, personal coaching with people from all walks of life, trades, professions, academic backgrounds and businesses
  • Outplacement contractor to Military, Government, Corporate downsizing
  • Counseling people in lives  “Five Challenges” to find balance in body, mind and spirit


  • Meditation the Art & Act of Mindfulness ISBN#978-0-987342-1-8 [prt] 978-0-987342-2-5 [E-bk] 2016
  • Buddha Nature Now, A Lay Persons Guide to Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy, 2007, 5th Anniversary Special Edition, 2012, available in Print ISBN 978-1-4259-9914-8 and a E-Book ISBN 978-1-4678-0939-9
  • Powers, Prayers, Meditations, A Beginners Guidebook, 1987
  • Your Resume & Other Secrets, a Canadian best seller, 8,800 copies sold     


  • University of Victoria  Economics/Public Admin  Victoria, BC  BA Studies
  • American Counseling Association, Counselor Certification
  • Nichiren Shoshu International Center, Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
  • Nichiren SHU  English Translation Committee, Writings of Nichiren Shonin,  University of Hawai’i
  • T’ien-t’ai Philosophy of Buddhism, Prof. Shen, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Rosicrucian, Rosa-Crux University, five year Sanctum degree certification
  • University of Chicago – Liberal Arts Program, three years of study
  • The Study-History of Philosophy,  Copleston, S.J.   Three Year Study
  • Yogi Philosophy, Oriental Occultism, Yogi Ramacdharaka,  Two Year Study
  • Columbia University, Oriental Civilizations, Sources of Chinese Tradition
  • Certificates in Human Resource Management

Professional Associations/Memberships

  • Spiritual Care Worker/Chaplain, BC Prisons, Vancouver Island Hospitals
  • Certified Member, ACA / Association for Counselling, 10 years
  • Canada National Career Transition Counselor, 8 years
  • International Counseling &  Human Development Conferences, 10 years
  • Member Association for Community Peace & Development, since 1986


  • City Of Victoria / Police Board  “Merit For Bravery”
  • City of Victoria / Mayor’s “Community Service Award”
  • BC Government e-Team Award for Training of Challenged Youth


In this lifetime, devotion to a balance of Body, Mind and Spirit, a Life Skills Counselor devoted to helping others achieve acceptance and wisdom around life’s Five Challenges of Family, Relationships, Career, Health and Economics. Dedicated Bodhisattva practice as Buddhist. Teacher/Messenger.