A Significant Day

How long the journey to cross the river, January 1st 1989 to July 1st, 2011. A public vow made to build a Nichiren Peace Park, before I pass from this lifetime.

The people and loves coming and going, the turmoils of life and personalities a reality the Buddha gives warning enough about, yet hard to fathom from our human perspective.  The Eightfold Pathway that leads away from suffering not yet fully learned.

The Sunday meetings on the Float Home, Russell Street, more addresses, more  moves and then the coming to the WarmLand of the Cowichan Valley in 2003.  The growth, continuance, decline and rebirth of the Vancouver Island Nichiren Sangha, the thread never breaking, never a moments doubt, a promise fulfilled in our  Canada Day celebration today.

The Provincial Non Profit, the Federal Charity, the Community evolving, a caring Board of Directors, a compassionate growing membership, as the Fund Raising goes on to complete the purchase of our land and then the building of buildings to support our Vancouver Island Retreat Garden, Nichiren Peace Center.

Our rich beginnings on this two hectores of Lotus Land, here  deep in the forest, alongside the Heritage Cowichan River.  Our beginnings of a Legacy for others, a permanent Vancouver Island Retreat Garden, Nichiren Peace Temple, a Buddhist Community of spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means.

A day of joy with the Members Second Annual Canada Day Walk to “Lotus Land” our little two hectores, a place for all sentient beings to come to find inner Self and peaceful means,  through “Renge”  the Buddha’s Lotus teachings.  The teachings of the first historical Buddha, Gautama Shakyamuni, of India, the Great Chinese Masters Tien Tai Chi’I and the translator Kumarajiva, and of Nichiren of Japan, who recognized the significance of the “fifth five hundred years after my passing,” as the correct time for   all humanity to be empowered to seek wisdom and enlightenment in this lifetime.  As we know, the word Buddha, translates, means, “awakened,” we are the fortunate One’s who are becoming awakened to three thousand years of wisdom!

As we look around our world today there is great ignorance abounding at all levels.  We see this in the proof of mother Earths warnings, and the daily human disasters reported by the Media.  Also, we see many who in the Realization of reality are building new places of Retreat, peace centers and places for people to walk in a different direction.  These are the bridges we share to cross over the river of suffering.

It is with humble gratitude that we here on Vancouver Island now are building such a Legacy, a journey well travelled thus far, even as the hair grows white grey on my temples, the temple of my Heart-Mind. A coming new Temple for our Vancouver Island Retreat Garden and Peace Center, in the Nichiren Tradition.  How wonderful.

Our Community Sangha  welcomes you!

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, Kanji Henry

A Significant Day