Benefits of Learning, Realization, and Faith

“Men [and women] of devout faith, when the people came to me, I perceived with the eyes of a Buddha the degree of their faith and other qualities.  Depending upon whether their capacities were keen or dull, I made my appearance, teaching in many different worlds, using different names, and explaining how long a period my teaching would be effective. On other occasions when I made my advent, I told the people that I would soon enter Nirvana, and I employed many methods to expound the wonderful teachings and cause the people to be gladdened in their hearts.”

Here in our daily Liturgy we find that the Buddhist philosophy is for the benefit of All people, regardless of their education, background or culture. The question is are we ready to receive such wisdom?  We already know that our faith can be as simple as chanting the Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra, as given to the world by the Sage Messenger, Nichiren Shonin.  But, when the Buddha talks about “other qualities” he is suggesting that each person do research into the practice of devotion, concentration and truth for self, through meditation. In the Lotus Sutra we find methods to do this.

In the Hosshi Kudoku [ 19th Chapter, “The Benefits of the Teacher of the Law ]
the Purification of the Six Sense Organs is taught and we are told:

With the benefit of the Eye organ: One is able to see and understand the location where
all living beings are born as a result of their karma and fortune.  When the eyes become
pure all phenomena become clear and the cause/effect relationship of all things can
correctly be understood.

The benefit of the Ear organ: when the Ears become purified then one is able to listen
to people’s opinions and hear the sounds of the natural world.

The benefit of the Nose organ: when the Nose becomes pure one understand the good
and evil of all phenomena and enabling him/her to preach the truth to all human beings.

The benefit of the Tongue organ: when the tongue is purified, then one is able to eat
all kinds of food deliciously and when one speaks one brings great delight and happiness
to all who hear him/her.  Because he/she speaks from good Health.

The benefit of the Body organ: when the Body becomes pure, then one begins to manifest
spiritual sustain-ability and the peaceful appearance of a Buddha or Bodhisattva.

The benefit of the Mind organ: when the Mind becomes pure, the information received from the Eyes and Ears will be correctly perceived and in accordance with the Law correct judgments can be made.  Here we see the teachings as revealed to those ready to turn expedient teachings into pure teachings, leading to deep maturity, wisdom and enlightenment.

Please understand, your faith, daily practice and study are Your Treasure.  Earth is the eternal Buddha’s Pure Land, here we plant the seeds of eternal Nirvana within.  Here is where each of us can pass All doubt, arriving at the shore of non-backsliding and view the World beyond suffering. Realize that the past, present and future exist in One eternal moment of here and now.

The same seed that produces Bodisattvas, and the Buddha’s is the same seed of your very own life.  The Lotus Sutra tells us: he or she who keeps these Sutras [or wisdom teachings] has the body of a buddha and does the work of a buddha.”

Understand that you are wearing the robes of the Buddha. You are a messenger of wisdom, a care giver of the Heritage of the Infinite Universal Law.  Please understand that having this wisdom you are responsible for sharing this wonderful living philosophy with others.

Who have you talked to this week, about your wonderful faith, practice and study?   Look
around you is this not the time to see, hear, receive and recite the benefits of your wisdom?  Who do you know who could benefit from coming to the Treasure Jewel of our Sangha? Who could use the benefits of purifying their senses, of chanting the Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra?

It is in the World of Learning, and the World of Realization, that we can obtain the great
benefits that lead to spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means for ourselves and to help
others, just as the Sutra’s teach us.  How wonderful.  .

Thus It Has Been Shared….. Respectfully, Kanji Henry, Master Buddha Dharma Teacher

Great Power Obtained