The Maud Story  – Physics or Faith

Maudgalyayana was one of Shakyamuni Buddha’s dozen or more key Sangha leaders, said to be very strong in occult powers; which was not big on the Buddha’s list of qualities.  He was said to have been born to a Brahman family and a close friend of Shariputra, also originally from the Brahman faith.

He tried using his secret occult powers to save his mother to no avail and so he approached the Buddha and asks how he can save his deceased mother, who he feels
is greatly suffering in the depths of Hunger and Hell.  The Buddha wisely consoles him to help feed the monks who are hungry in the here and now.  Having a very strong personality Maud was not easy to get along with and the Buddha wants him to know
that there are no secret dharma teachings, only hidden ones that are available when we are ready to see, hear, and receive them.  In this fable we find a promise that his efforts will go forth to the “seventh” generation of his grandsons.

The story about saving his mother from the World of Hunger [ ie. One never satisfied with anything] is relating to one’s belief in the power of transfer of energy from one person to another, even from the living to the bodily dead.  We are discussing the power of meditation and prayer offerings and ones understanding of how it works through energy, not blind faith.

So why seven generations; that means one hundred and seventy five years?  We know seven has always been a lucky number in astrology, and many other mathematical factors relating to numbers.  The question is:  how far do you think and feel your energy field can be effective?

In this story, Maud was not able to save his mother because of her never ending desires; in today’s terminology her greed. Now he respectfully follows the Buddha’s advice and by cooking and feeding the many followers as they travelled from village to town, to city, spreading the good word, in addition to his meditations, he was able to do so.  This is about two things; the need to feed all the Monks and Sangha attendees which goes on to this day in countries like Thailand and about ones personal belief in the empowerment to help others through practical giving, as well as through meditation and the repetition of prayers, for self and others.

A modern example today, is the offering of chanting and prayers to the waters of Fukushima Nuclear Plant.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, of Japan has worked with water molecules for over twenty years and in his three books he shows proof of the effect of words on water. With the recent tragedy in Japan he asked that on a set time of day, on the same day everyone offer the following message and to chant these words three times:
Offering: to the water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank and love you.”

People were asked to chant this three times at local noon time, on a set day all over
the World, the message getting out on Social Media.  There are of course different time zones, even crossing over into a different day, but the empowerment is in everyone doing it at close to the same time, sending massive energy waves of loving healing and thought!  When we study historical war battles, we can see over and over many examples of this principle in action.  Again the question becomes: do you believe Sound Meditation works, Dr. Emoto has proven it, other scientists in relationship with butterflies have proven it. The question is do you believe it?

It is very important to understand this is not some kind of occult power, is it about physics and the transfer of energy to various locations, fields in the body, universal mind. This is the Buddha’s teachings. As to how far and how many generations or lifetimes, I will leave to the scientists. What has been proven is that sound and thought power make a huge vibrational waves.  And much of this is moved by simple faith!

I believe this is one of the reasons the Muslims are becoming one of the strongest forces on planet earth, members stop five times a day and chant a short geta over and over  sending out the sound vibration of their voices to the universal Law.  It is heard and responded to; this is the physics part of faith. You don’t have to go to a mosque, church or temple, what is proven is that when people stop at a specified time from whatever they are doing, from wherever they are and all send forth vibrational energy, call it prayer, call it meditation, it makes a universal difference!  As you may realize the Muslim faith being the fastest and largest growing faith on earth and such a young one.  The beauty in being together in Sangha or Community is to nourish each other through our Being.

Nichiren says: “you may chant the whole twenty eight chapter, one chapter, one paragraph, one sentence or even one character…… the joy of the daimoku chanting
transmitted 50 times this way from person to person.”    He understood that Ichinen Sanzen either is or is not!  If it is, then 3,000 in 1 possibilities exist, if it is not, then nothing exists.  Does repetition have more power? Well I think an earthquake measuring 9 is more powerful than 2, an earth moving machine that carries ten tonnes of rock in one load, is bigger than a pick up truck, the energy of one voice is not the same as the energy of a million voices in harmony!  This is a practical matter.  The simple point is your voice is important, you make a difference and when one takes the time to chant all together the quantum physics of energy will go out into the universe with a greater force and generational power; this has been proven over and over throughout time and history.  This is also why the Buddha shares; “all of you, wise men and women, have no doubts about this! Remove your doubts, have no more!”

The balance of faith, practice and study is a personal revolution, the joy of discovery in what works for you, congratulations on your empowerment and seeking mind!

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, Henry

MAUD — Physics or Faith