The great Gohonzon Mandala is our visual meditation window to the universe. So the question can be asked; can the universe see us here through the window of humanity?  The answer is, yes it can!   When the military might of a country attacks another and kills civilian people can the universe not feel this attack? Yes, it can! When people seek happiness and governments, family, others, block this quest because someone else thinks they have the right and power to force their will power on people;  will cause, effect and karma not unfold, you bet it will!

History is filled with unjust governments, and powerful people who live in the lower worlds of control, greed and ignorance; with their temporary attachments and desires to rule others; while the universal guardians transform, cause environmental damage, destroy towns, villages and countries, move oceans tides and land masses to show human kind it sees, hears and acts without emotion. Yet the masses live in denial and self importance, too busy to reflect on reality while the advertising world and mass media gurus tell people what to think a million times a day, each and everyday.

In the 1960’s and 70’s Maharishi Yogi was a very popular spiritual leader, the founder of  Transcendental Meditation™.  To prove the theory that mediation worked his group traveled to fifty cities for twenty one days each and announced to the authorities that they would through their Meditations cause the crime rate of these major cities to be reduced substantially. Political leaders and the police scoffed, yet in city after city the results were undeniable.  Mind power changes things. Scientology uses mind altering methods in it’s doctrine to change the way people think.  The Roscrucians a five thousand year old Egyptian spiritual practice meditates once a month on an event or person to try and influence major events in the world. Mary Eddy Baker uses her version of the New Testament and her church of Christian Science to cause miracles and heal people through the power of thought.  Muslims by the millions march to Mecca on annual pilgrimages to pay respect to Mohammad and throw stones at the devil.  Is all this simply habit or is something else at work?

As Nichiren Buddhists we practice chanting the Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra; we are thereby repeating the Buddha’s principles about how our Universe is made up and the meaning of the universal Law of eternity.  These meditations are called Shindoku or Gongyo liturgy practice. Daily over twenty five million citizens in over one hundred countries connect to the mystic, universal Law and the Buddha’s through these Lotus Meditations and ancient teachings. In this repetition of  the Buddha’s words, our offering is made, that the universe may hear our determinations  and contemplations, in order to see our earthly desire for spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means here on our world.

We are encouraged by the words of the Buddha, from the Second Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, “You… are to know that this subtle Dharma, is the secret essential to the Buddha’s.”  And what is this essential of the Buddha’s, it is freedom from suffering, it is knowledge of the greatness within each of us. Giving us the empowerment to change those things in our world that harm us, giving us the empowerment to change the world by helping others.

As we meditate we remind ourselves of the truth of “dependent origination,” nothing stands alone!  The Oneness of the Person and the Law, our belief in the fusion of human nature in  harmony with the mystic, universal Law of eternity Light and Energy.

The essence of our daily meditations lie in the depths of our lives, reaching beyond our first five senses of consciousness; sight, sound, smell, touch and mindfulness.  Indeed, it is through our daily recitation of the Lotus Sutra that we tap into the vital life force of our own empowerment. The daily repetition of the Buddha’s words offers a sacred space for an offering of gratitude, for our health, happiness and prosperity.  Our daily meditation is not about doctrine or theory, it is about actual proof, practicing the Law of Cause and Effect.  It is about being open to teachings of wisdom, opening our pathway to new ideals and realities; to that which we never had before!  One’s daily practice is about the big picture, our practice is a reminder that eternity is an awareness of this moment, enabling us to have a more dynamic human life.

As we chant the Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra  Namu MyoHo Renge Kyo, we accept our short time here with the realization that this life is truly a  miracle within the circle of eternal energy never ending.  In the coming week, we ask ourselves; do I believe my meditations and prayers are heard?  Please, think about this seriously.  My, greatest happiness comes when I witness someone discover their Buddha nature and almost immediately see a marked improvement in their daily lives.  My, great sadness is to watch many come and go, as they are not wise enough, yet to perceive their true inner spiritual nature.  The Lotus Sutra warns that the pathway to happiness and freedom is difficult to enter and difficult to follow,  as we observe all the chaos around us, what I mentioned earlier about history and earthly disasters come into focus, as we meditate for peace.  We come to realize that the Buddha’s teaching, are hard to practice; even simple discipline to make a daily offering is too difficult for the masses to fathom. “Twenty minutes a day, out of twenty four hours, so simple, so difficult!”   Yet, for those fortunate enough to discover their Buddha nature in this lifetime, a promise is made in Chapter Ten of the Lotus Sutra the Buddha reminds those who practice with simple faith:“even though one might hear only a single stanza, a single verse and rise up in joy in hearing this sutra, I predict their life to be filled with wisdom and perfect enlightenment.”

Are we not the fortunate ones, as we meditate together, make offerings, share in like minded spirit, in the here and now. Let us be good to ourselves find hope and thanksgiving in our daily meditations!

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully #TM Henry

Meditation For All