Mothers Day

“Those who visit this place can instantly expiate the errors they committed since the infinite past transform their [earthly] illusions into wisdom, their errors into truth, and their sufferings  into freedom…”  Nichiren 11th day of 9th month in the fourth year of Koan 1281
Now here is a true gift for any mother on the day we celebrate our mothers.  As sons and daughters  it is always interesting to view our world from the expectations of our mothers.  What were their hopes for us. How did we turn out,  as we turn our focus onto our beloved mothers; we ask, how do I see my mother, today?

Can I share part of today with her, or do I need to offer prayers for her re-birth? Is she happy in her present age, if not what kind of offering can I make to help make her days happier?  How is her spiritual well being, and do I respect her choices in this regard? Have I forgiven her for the wrongs she hurt  me with. Have I blessed her for the lessons she taught me?  On this annual day of thanks giving for our mothers who gave us life, these questions can be very complex  because often no one is more powerful or close than One’s mother. As adults we come to understand that we are responsible for our own destiny, regardless of a mothers help or interference.  If we feel things could be better between ourselves and our mothers, then meditate on  the Buddha’s words of wisdom regarding the cause of suffering.  The joy which we celebrate for our mothers this day must be based on forgiveness and the desire for what we perceive as good and blessed. In this quote  Nichiren relates that “this place” is the place to be grateful for our beautiful mothers. This is the place we can “expiate our errors,” beings responsible for the pain we may have caused our mothers, and others, the mistaken choices we have made in our lives, not only in this lifetime, but also from the infinite past.  The reason we practice our Spiritual Health in the Buddha-way is to enable us to see clearly, so that we can transform our challenges and mistakes into wisdom, our errors into forgiveness of self and others, so that we can truly enjoy life fully.

Each of us truly deserves to be happy and joyous in this life, as we take these moments to give thanks for our Mothers. Realize how truly special You are as an individual daughter or son. There is no other person just like you. If you have had a difficult time with your mother or father, today is a good day for reflection and forgiveness. Mothers Day is a day to remember that happiness often comes from letting go.  If you are a mother, this is an important reminder of the responsibility of letting go. You are not responsible for the actions of your children. Those we love most must be free to make their own mistakes, to turn their errors into truth, challenges from suffering into freedom, to learn how to transform their earthly illusions into wisdom, or not.

“Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn, hundreds of bees in the purple clover, hundreds of bees on the lawn, but only one mother the wide world over. G. Cooper

May the blessings of Joy be on all Mothers this day.
Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, Henry

Mothers Day