Original  Trinity

Understanding the original trinity, is part of living the philosophy of buddha health. One can come to balance daily life with techniques resulting in goodness, harmony and joy. Good health requires an understanding of the vital life force that provides the inter-dependent connection, the balancing of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our well BE-ing.

Three Properties

We possess three finite Properties of Health: first is conscious communication with the eternal universal Law. Lotus Sutra, Chap. 2 p.64  Thus enabling our spiritual well being. This coming week let us meditate on two vital words: conscious communication. What is your understanding of these words? What do these mystic words say to you?   The second property, is maturity which brings the wisdom which leads to clarity of mental health. The third property is action the relationship of Body, Mind and Spirit. As these three properties enjoin our spiritual, mental and physical well being we can better understand it is through the wisdom teachings, our practice and in the world of personal Realization that we are empowered to awaken faith within.

When we chant the Five-In-One Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra, Namu-MyoHo-Renge-Kyo we are processing the Hatha Yoga of awareness and deep breathing. We make Bodhisattva wonder sound through our chanting, we visualize the meditation before our eyes and we make spiritual connection. How wonderful to make this offering!  From the perspective of the Oneness of the person and the mystic Law we can hear, see, feel and touch this vital life force of our BE-ing.  We can be at One with the beauty and joy of our meditations. It through Ones vital life force, we make conscious communication with all life and death, with our friends and neighbours, with the sun, moon and stars?  We become active participants in body, mind and spirit, thereby guaranteeing our connection with all that is.

When our health is threatened, we have the medicine of the Five-In-One Sound- Meditation to release toxins and poisons from the body.  With determination and faith we can challenge even serious Health Karma. We are empowered to see the practical proof of our practice in the lessening of our physical and mental suffering. We can understand our meditations are heard and must be answered through the Law of Cause, Karma and Effect; through our action, maturity and conscious communication with the universal, mystic Law.

When we understand how temporary life is; we can realize the importance in our daily meditations to give thanks giving for our senses; for the automatic digestion of our food, for the ability to walk and talk, to listen and see, to think and meditate. Life is the Original Trinity of body, mind and spirit. Life is the great human revolution!  I look forward to hearing from you share your thoughts on this most important subject.

[ For further research on this Sharing Session you may wish to visit pp. 88, 89, 90 & 91 in your copy of Buddha Nature Now,  ISBN 978-1-4259-9914-8. ]

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, Kanji Henry Teacher/Messenger

Original Trinity
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