Personal  Empowerment

“……the time which has passed since I attained Buddhahood surpasses this by one hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, nayuta, asogi aeons….” “Ever since then I have been constantly in this world, expounding the Law and instructing [the people.] Also, I have led and benefitted the people in one hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, nayuta, asogi other worlds.” Lotus Sutra, Chapter Sixteen

Here the historical Buddha of the Former Day of the Law gives a message of great significance, for we all have life’s personal challenges. The Buddha’s lessons give us courage through life’s  confusion and doubt.   As we listen to the words of the Buddha we recognize how temporary our saha world of endurance is amongst all the other worlds of existence, that are described. I even enjoy the word sa-ha, for ha means humourous reminding us to not take life too seriously, to find laughter even in our challenges. Understanding change and impermanence is the master key here.

The key point is that our happiness is not necessarily found when our difficulties go away, rather we must come to understand that we are masters of our own destiny. We see we can overcome all our challenges through our personal empowerment, given to us by the universal energy, the Buddha’s mystic Law.   The Buddha is sharing that we can change our difficulties into our strength, even our suffering into happiness.  We have the power now for a fulfilling life of health, prosperity and happiness. “I have been constantly in this world…..leading and benefitting the people” Okay, fair question, where is he/she?  We need to understand the Buddha is telling us he is:  courage, meditation, guidance, right motivation, right action, all within our person. Happiness and freedom come from our inner personal empowerment.   General practice is easy, most can say I believe in peace, go for a walk for cancer, put a bumper sticker on a car, but we know the difficulty comes from our lack of discipline,  daily practice  can be most difficult, we are all so busy. So the Buddha tells us, my “energy” is constant it is always here for you! We need to Realize that we must feed our mind and soul, as well as our physical bodies, this is where happiness comes from.  Nichiren tells us, “what joy is ours to expiate in one lifetime our negative karma from all past existence.”  How fortunate, that we have been able to see, read, study the Lotus Sutra, the story of this wisdom.

In the Buddha’s early teachings he explained that Life and its Environment are One. This essential Oneness of Life and its environment opens the Way for each of us to transform daily suffering and challenge into a state of joy, wonder and happiness as we manifest our personal  Buddha nature.

One person who experiences benefit in day-to-day matters is demonstrating his/her Light and the effectiveness of Buddhist faith, practice and study. This we can share with others. Each of us is responsible for our personal growth and the Buddha tells us this energy is always available to us, in all our existences. Each of us is empowered to Meditate on personal peace within, to assist with harmony in our families, peace in our community. Respecting the Three Treasure Jewels of the universal Law, the Buddha and our Community Sangha. It is through our personal growth that wisdom comes. And from our wisdom comes the four desires: to help others whenever we can, to help put an end to suffering, to continue working towards personal empowerment for our self and others. The message here is,  it is worth working at  for we will: “attain right views, bring gladness and ease to all, with these natural powers that we possess, in unity with the Tathagata, we will rejoice and joyfully obtain much profit, both in this life and afterward.”  Chapter Five, Medicinal Herbs, Lotus Sutra

   Thus It Has Been Shared, respectfully, Henry Buddha Dharma Teacher