All are welcome, we are located at #4 – 3904 Johnny Bear Road, at Gibbins, Vimy, and Cambrai.

Our next Retreat is Saturday 16th September, A Day of Meditation and Mindfulness, register at


  • Wednesday evenings @ 7:00 pm
  • Thursday mornings @ 9:00 am

Join in for Daily Liturgy Service @ 8 am & 5 pm  [please text or phone to confirm your attendance 250-710-7594].

August Schedule

  • Sunday 06: 10:00 am –  Visions of Tien Tai
  • Sunday 13: 10:00 am –  Bodhisattva Protectors
  • Fri. 18th      7:00 pm – We are away on Holidays, please do ShoDai at home.
  • Sunday 20:  10 am –       Nrivana
  • Sunday 27: 10:00 am –  Buddha Personality
  • By Appointent – Buddhist Tea Ceremony [suggested donation $10.00 each]

Ask about personal, couples’ retreats, and life skills counseling.

“What a pleasant surprise! I have not only found profound peace, but also a kind and generous new teacher friend. Thank you Henry for your attention to Karen and myself on this private Couples Retreat.”

~ Namaste Lois St. Pierre, Quebec

“Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I feel much cared for by all present here in this amazing peaceful, Buddhist Center. Very grateful and respectful of your teachings Henry” Look forward to the weekly follow up Blogs.”

~ Cori Bellon, Belgium

About our Guide Teacher

HenryN. Henry, a Buddhist Teacher/Messenger/Monk, a Life Skills Coach and Counsellor, he offers many years of Faith, Practice, Study, Meditation.  He was appointed Kanji, Buddhist leader/teacher by the High Priest of the Head Temple in Japan in 1994.

Two of his books are currently available worldwide:  “Buddha Nature Now” a laypersons Guide”  5th Anniversary Edition,  “Meditation, the Art & Act of Mindfulness – 2016”

Our Teacher is the Administrator of the Nichiren Peace Center, here in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.  Our Community Sangha is the: Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko [Lotus] Society® founded in 2003.

Welcome….  Considering a Retreat can lead to new understanding and realizations, about One’s Self and the discovery of wonderful new personal empowerment! All our retreats are based on the Mahayana Buddha way to Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, #N. Henry

Monthly Schedule – August