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Meditation the Art & Act of Mindfulness, by Henry Landry

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Sharing Sessions

Session One: The  Art of Meditation
Breath Always the Breath  Make This Book Your Friend

Session Two: The  Joy  Deep Meditative Joy
Introduction to Levels of Consciousness

Session Three: InSight  Meditation
What Do You See, What Do You Hear
Balance, Consciousness Volition – Energy Force

Session Four: Walking Meditation
Several Methods, Five Reasons Walking Method

Session Five: Heart-Soul Meditation
Sound Meditation Mantra Eternal Vibration

Session Six: Contemplative  Meditation Contemplative Mind
Practice of Loving Kindness Meditation of a Thousand Ways
Tien Tai’s Ten Ways of Meditation

Session Seven: Pathways Beyond The Book Quiet In Our Meditations Meditation on Happiness, My Meditative Diary

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