Nichiren Peace Center

Vancouver Island Retreat Garden, a Buddhist Community

2015 AGM

Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko Society BC Non Profit  Number  S-48418 A Federal             Henry friendship gatewayRegistered Charity  # BN8591688833RR001

2015 Annual General Meeting  –  Sunday 15th November  11 AM at Nichiren Peace Center, #4 – 3906 Johnny Bear Road    

Administration Office: 365 Day Road, Duncan, BC Canada     V9L 3K4    Website:

Nichiren  Buddha  Hokkeko  Society®    BC Non Profit Number  S-48418
A Federal Registered Charity  # BN8591688833RR001

Celebration of nearly 3,000 years since the establishment of the Buddha Dharma
Celebration of  794 Years since the Sage Messenger Nichiren was born
Celebration of the 13th AGM of Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko Society®
Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of our Teacher/Messenger, TMHenry

Meeting called to Order   12:10 PM   following Regular Sunday Discovery Service,
meeting held at our  Nichiren Peace Center. for this 13th Annual AGM

Meeting Secretary: Moved by Laurie C. that Janet C. be recording Secretary Seconded by Stan S.    Passed  UNAM  Janet accepts

Welcome, Opening Statements read by: Laurie C.
Attendance:  Board Members: Janet C., Stan S., Kelly R., Laurie C., TMHenry
Members:   Tina F., Penny K., Erla G.   Guests: Shelly V., Alan and Karen D.

Regards from: Linda Nadworny, Victoria, Sandy Cumberland, Victoria, Judy and Geoff Greenwood, Duncan, Maria Hiles, Duncan, David Boothman, in Tacoma, Yoku, in Peru,
Cori, in Belgium

Vision/Mission of the Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko Society:   Read by: Kelly Robertson

1 ]  To educate all seekers in the philosophy of the Buddha’s peaceful teachings.
2]  To offer educational, benevolent and spiritual community services through the                      Buddha-way of faith, practice, study and meditation.
3 ]  To accept members into the Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko Society of Vancouver Island.
4 ]  To be associated with the Head Temple of Nichiren Shu, in Japan and work in co-                operation with the Nichiren Organizations of North America

Member Experience shared by: Tina F.

Old Business:  Reading of 2014 Annual Meeting, read by:  Janet Curley
There being no business arising from last years minutes meeting moved to 13th  Annual Report.

Administrators 13th Annual Report:    2015 – The Year of Generosity

Before moving on to my Business Report, Our Community Sangha, would like to recognize Alan and Karen D., this wonderful couple have been a mainstay of energy, support and help here at our Nichiren Peace Center; they are responsible for Retreat Huts #2 & 3, Alan a constant assistance with our engineering projects such as our new Friendship Gate that we have just completed, and will be reported on at next years AGM, as it was built after our annual year end.

Community Focus

Our Community Buddha Society is a faith based Society whose goal is to assist all who seek spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means in their life.  This is achieved through weekly Buddha Discovery Services, Meditation Services, Annual Retreats, Study Groups, Life Skills Coaching, Personal Counselling, Hospice work, Hospital and Home visitations, local Community service work.

Again this past year we have worked with supporting WarmLand House for the homeless, here in the Cowichan Valley.   We continue to work with members of our Community suffering with mental issues, addictions and life skills needs.   We continue as a Member of Kinsol Trestle Foundation and continue to actively support the Cowichan Valley Regional District, City of Duncan and North Cowichan District for the growth of  Bike/Walking Trails for sustainable health and environmental ways of commuting.

I worked to correct some difficult Transit bus changes through a Bus Petition, and several meetings with Regional BC Transit Management and the CVRD.  These efforts resulted in
no changes whatsoever and has been very discouraging to those affected making it more
difficult for riders to get back and forth to work.

A recent change in Hospital work includes the Federal Government Report on how Chaplains were relevant in hospitals. Out of this Report came the information that indeed spiritual visits by religious leaders, priests, ministers is still very relevant and visitations are well received.  Out of this Report also came a name change from “chaplains” to “Spiritual Care Workers.” Our Buddhist Teacher/Minister Henry continues this work, as a Spiritual Care Worker for Cowichan Valley District Hospital, as well Victoria General and Jubilee Hospitals in Victoria, Nanaimo Regional Hospital in Nanaimo, BC

Our Counseling services are free to all who come to us seeking to awaken to their holistic
BE-ing; for people of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds. Our Buddhist goal to free people
from their suffering and to share with them in their happiness.

Once again this year some members did personal walks for ALS, MS, and Cancer. During 2015 our Teacher, TMHenry did 21 Hospital visits, he also did  24  Home Visitations; offering Buddhist services, life skills coaching, helping the sick, assisting with Will preparations. Once again the year was filled with personal counselling with several people coming forward  seeking assistance with life’s difficulties.

Henry continues in his fourth year as a Teacher of Elder College, teaching Meditation.
His book Buddha Nature Now, in it’s 5th Anniversary Edition continues to sell and his new
book, Meditation the Art & Act of Mindfulness is due out in mid January of 2016.

Board of Directors

We thank Laurie, Kelly, Stan, Linda, Janet and TMHenry for their  dedication, suggestions
and active membership.  Due to new opportunities in Laurie C. life she has resigned
from the Board, and we will be happy to welcome Penny K. to our Board. In our Society® every Board Member has equal rights.

2015 Retreats

This past year our Nichiren Buddhist Society offered several Group Retreats including:
the 15th Annual Three Day, Buddha In the Park, and the Seven Day Tien Tai Mindfulness Retreat. And One Day Retreats on  A Day of Meditation and A Day of Faith, A Day with the Buddha’s completed in the Spring and Fall.  Our Center gave refuge through three Individual and two Couples Retreats, based on personal needs.  In 2015  54  people attend the various Retreats, up from 24 up from the previous years and the 36 who attended in 2013.

OnLine and Social Media

We continue for our daily online services, including educational information, daily meditation quotes, events scheduling and so much more, you are invited to bookmark and visit our website at   We continue to be active with our Social Networking through Hootsuite, FaceBook, Twitter and Linked In.  Our Weekly Buddha Blog, monthly Buddha’s Message, daily Tweets, and Facebook offerings reach over 200 people weekly.  Our new online fund raising site is working successfully, with donations from Belgium and the USA, as well as locally. Anyone can donate to our Society at / Charities / Nichiren Buddha Society.

Fund Raising for 2015

The great news this year was the final payments for our long term Lease arrangement,
for our two acres of land for our Societies ability to provide our community with our Buddhist services, prayers and meditations; and other community work. For our Land Legacy Projects, such as a Well and for our future permanent Nichiren Temple, we raised $1, 208.92

I have been able to make arrangements for us to manage two Highway Billboards. Through this new initiative, I am hoping to make a report next year on significant income for our Society, with our ongoing Fund Raising efforts.

[ Full detail Financial Report is available online through Revenue Canada or by request ]

Member Donations  $ 3,726.00    Business Donations $ 2,641.50
Total Expense  $ 13,177.86     Donations:  $ 7,576.42
SAD [ Supporting Anonymous Donations: $ 5,776.18
Sub – Total Income: $ 13,177.86
Cash in Bank at Year End    $ 278.14
Legacy Building Fund:      $ 5.01

The Treasury being small continues to be looked after by our Administrator, TMHenry. Our Financial books are open to all at anytime.  A short version is posted on our website with this Annual Report, with full copies going to Revenue Canada and  BC Registry Services and to anyone wishing to review in full detail.

Note:  NewFriendship Gateway Project:  already as we enter 2016, we have raised $1,185.00,  towards the $3,500 goal, this will be fully reported in next years Annual Report.

Moved by: Erla G.            Seconded by: Stan S.
that the 2015 Administrators Financial Report be accepted.     Passed UNAM

At this time we would like to take a few minutes to share respect our Teacher /Messenger /Monk   TMHenry, who will celebrate his 30th Vow taking Anniversary, Tuesday, 8th December!  Members who shared their experience: Janet C., Kelly R., Tina F., Stan S., Laurie C., Guest Alan D.    Henry thanks everyone and moves to NEW BUSINESS…..

2015 Membership

In 2015 we had 248 Guests and 430 Members attend our Weekly Meditation Services at Cowichan University campus, at our Sunday Nichiren Discovery Services, Winter Study Sessions, including five Formal Buddhist Tea Ceremonies.  In total  830 people in 2015 attended the various activities of our Nichiren Buddha Society.

Our core group remains small and dedicated, with new persons researching their spirituality
at our retreats and with personal counselling. In 2015, we accepted and welcomed, Penny K. and Tina F. as our newest members, to Nichiren Buddhist Hokkeko Society.

Our pioneering journey includes people of great heart and energy, some will not be able to enjoy our efforts, as they have passed from this world, but you are here today and I deeply respect you.  I cannot express in words my joy and thanks for all your efforts as we fulfil our Mission to relieve the suffering of all BE-ings searching for happiness and peace in their lives; here on our two acres that borders on the BC Heritage protected water shed of the Cowichan River, on this ancient land, we vow to protect!

Nichiren Peace Center Efforts

As many of you know we had hoped to hold the “Official Opening” of our Nichiren Peace Center in 2015, we did not do this and thoughts now are that we hold off until we have built our permanent Nichiren Temple, perhaps in two to three years depending on Fund Raising.

With the big fall in the Canadian dollar, our discussion about another Pilgrimage to Japan has been put on hold and will not likely take place in the Fall of 2016.

In 2015 we lost one of our new Orchard Peace Trees, this was exchanged with a Japanese
Plum tree and we will pick up new Peace Trees when they become available next Spring.
Again this year we give thanks to Island Tractor who twice donated a week of time with
a small tractor to help us move soil, prepare meditation pathways and help in a big way.
We were able to get a good start on our Nichiren Community Garden this past year with
the building of our Green house and the clearing of two small spaces for vegetables and berries.  We were able to enjoy and share our first small crops, although the deer got the most part.  The goal this winter will be to fence the area to protect from all the rabbits, deer, squirrels and other forest neighbours, and to add to the size of the garden and berry areas.  The daily gathering of water for the garden, from the river took a major effort and our Fund Raising goes on to get a Well on our property.

New member Penny, my new partner spent many hours  on the lovely flowers that graced  our walkways, working in the Greenhouse and garden throughout the Seasons. Thank you Penny.

Our investment in our first Solar Project came to $ 688.11; and our cost of materials for various projects came to $2,047.85, with considerable savings in the cost of gasoline for our generators already.  We did work on Retreat Hut #3 to make it a more permanent dome building, and added  a propane heating system.  We also expanded the storage area and Generator area, in Retreat Hut #1.  Once again a fair amount of fresh painting was accomplished.

During the Summer we had the pleasure to host two men from the mainland who moved to the Cowichan Valley and they stayed in Retreat Hut 2 and 3 for a total of 22 days. This provided a wonderful opportunity for work share and some rental income from the Retreat Huts.  Our normal visitation is only ten days at a time, but this was an exception we were happy to provide. In return we received much benefit. We were able to help them find good housing and employment.  Thank you Bryan and Mike, welcome to our beautiful Cowichan Valley.

This past year we moved and doubled the size of Tool Shed #1, we replaced the temporary door to our Community Kitchen with a permanent one.  A new back metal  Gateway was installed along with new signage letting people know they are entering our Nichiren Peace Center.

We are grateful to the Volunteers who have been such a big help this past year, Alan and Karen, Glenn R and his boys, Mike and Bryan, Penny K; Gordon at Island Tractor for donation of tractor time.

This is my 2015 Report, is there any new business from the floor,                                                     three motions were presented:

Moved by: Stan S             Seconded by: Janet C
“That Penny Kellett, be appointed to our Board of Directors”

Moved by:   Kelly R      Seconded by: Laurie C
“That our Society support the community efforts for the building of our
new Cowichan District Hospital, with a donation of Fifty Dollars [$50.00]

Moved by: Laurie C    Seconded by: Erla G   Passed UNAM
“That 2016 be designated the Year of Abundance”

There being no further business, our Teacher/Messenger, TM Henry, read a reminder of what it means to be a Buddhist in our Times.

“All Buddha’s make their advent into this world for one great karmic reason” The Buddha’s of the ten directions and three existence’s of past, present and future, emerge
in this world for one important karmic reason – to uncover the Buddha wisdom within all people so that they can advance to attain enlightenment.  They make their advent to lead all humankind to enlightenment. This is known as the principle of the “Four forms of the Buddha’s wisdom.”  Buddha wisdom emerges, BE-ings Realize Suffering is self induced, taking hold of the Eightfold Pathway, they find enlightenment.”

Thank you for sharing this day together, I deeply respect you

Board Member,  Janet C    then called that the 2015 Annual Meeting close in harmony
and unity. Second by: Penny Kellett        Passed UNAM

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, TMHenry, Administrator, Master Dharma Teacher


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