Nichiren Peace Center

Vancouver Island Retreat Garden, a Buddhist Community

Resume – Nyudo Henry

Curriculum Vitae of Henry-san,


❐   Buddhist Teacher – Messenger –  30 Years – [ December 8th – 2015 ]                                                  ❐  Ten years world religious study                                                                                     ❐  Founder of Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko  [ Lotus ]                                                                               Society of Vancouver Island- 2003       

❐    Twenty years professional business management services
❐   Fifteen years experience in contract consulting, new business start ups


PenLan Career Group    Founder /  Business  Manager    1985 – 2000
Victoria, BC    Counselor / Career Coach   /  Consultant   [Business Sold ]

❐    Over 22,000 clients served, personal coaching with people from all walks
of life, trades, professions, academic backgrounds and businesses
❐    Outplacement contractor to Military, Government, Corporate downsizing
❐    Counseling people in lives  “Five Challenges” to find balance in body, mind and spirit

Following the successful sale of business, took time off to travel to Japan, practice, Buddhist study and retreat at Temples.  Toured Western USA and Canada as Teacher/Messenger / Guest Speaker of Buddha Dharma with emphasis on the Nichiren Tradition.


              Meditation the Art & Act of Mindfulness ISBN#978-0-987342-1-8 [prt]                 978-0-987342-2-5 [E-bk]      2016                                                                                                Buddha Nature Now, A Lay Persons Guide to Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy, 2007,  5th Anniversary Special Edition, 2012, available in Print ISBN 978-1-4259-9914-8 and a E-Book ISBN 978-1-4678-0939-9

 Powers, Prayers, Meditations,  A Beginners Guidebook,  1987                          Your Resume & other Secrets, a Canadian Best Seller, 8,800 copies sold     


University of Victoria  Economics / Public Admin  Victoria, BC  BA Studies

American Counseling Association    Counselor Certification

Nichiren Shoshu International Center, Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin

Nichiren SHU  English Translation Committee, Writings of Nichiren Shonin,  University of Hawai’i

T’ien-t’ai Philosophy of Buddhism, Prof. Shen, Ghent University, Belgium

Rosicrucian,  Rosa-Crux University,  Five Year Sanctum Degree Certification

University of Chicago      Liberal Arts Program,  Three Year of Study

The Study-History of Philosophy,  Copleston, S.J.   Three Year Study

Yogi Philosophy, Oriental Occultism, Yogi Ramacdharaka,  Two Year Study

Columbia University, Oriental Civilizations, Sources of Chinese Tradition

Certificates in Human Resource Management,


Spiritual Care Worker/Chaplain, BC Prisons, Vancouver Island Hospitals                   2013- 2016 – Elder College – Island Savings – Teacher                                           Certified Member, ACA / Association for Counselling   Ten Years
Canada National Career Transition Counselor     Eight Years
International Counseling &  Human Development Conferences  Ten Years
Member Association for Community Peace & Development   Since 1986

Awards / Citations

City Of Victoria / Police Board  “Merit For Bravery”
City of Victoria / Mayor’s “Community Service Award”
BC Government e-Team Award for Training of Challenged Youth 


In this lifetime, devotion to a balance of Body, Mind and Spirit, a Life Skills Counselor devoted to helping others achieve acceptance and wisdom around life’s Five Challenges of Family, Relationships, Career, Health and Economics.  Dedicated Bodhisattva practice as Buddhist Teacher/Messenger.  



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