Personal Empowerment

 Personal  Empowerment 

Today I would like to share with you about personal being, and peaceful empowerment. I want to Ask you to take a moment  to realize how You ~ You specifically make a big difference in the lives of those you love, a difference to people you know,  to strangers and even people you may never meet!

We all know the story of  “feed a person a fish and they will be full for a day, Teach a person to fish and they can eat as long as there is fish to catch.” Many here today have been most kind, and compassionate in this just passed year and throughout the years making various donations to our Nichiren Buddha Sangha, to Food Banks, Amnesty International, Woman’s Shelters, etc. Our WarmLand House for the homeless. But, I wonder how many have taken the 3rd Step in the Personal Empowerment process.  Step One is to choose the person or cause, Step Two is to make the donation, and Step Three is the important Spiritual Step or what Buddhist’s call the step towards “spiritual sustain-ability.”

This is not easy for it involves taking both time and energy. You need to take the time to think and Meditate on those you hope to materially, spiritually help; you need to listen, feel the pain of another’s wounded soul, to be empathic, as well as the physical giving; so your human nature may be joined in the Oneness of your spiritual energy. This comes from the 9th World, your  Bodhisattva compassionate nature.

Bodhisattva: bodhi here means: buddha wisdom, sattva means sentient or human beings, in other words the wisdom of your human nature.  Bodhisattvas practice courage, compassion, empathy, respectfulness and helpfulness toward self and others. [ Buddha Nature Now p. 75 ]

Believe your spiritual life giving energy force will be heard and will have a response. From your empathy you may help an individual who gets up one morning and looks in a mirror and decides to change challenge into opportunity. To seek their spiritual nature because of your profound meditation and prayers for them. Whether their challenge be career, family, relationship, health or economics, the universal energies arriving to assist them from your meditations for them, come from  the 8th World of Realization.  Now, with a hope and desire for a healthier world,  they may suddenly or over a long period of time come to realize blame is no good, fear can be overcome, frustration may be replaced with honesty.  Whether this means moving, making amends to someone they hurt, going back to school, realizing that Health is part of a Threefold Pathway, of body, mind and spirit; finding forgiveness of self or others, whatever is blocking the Way to happiness and freedom.

You are empowered to give, and utilize the power within by sending your offerings through your InSightful Meditations and your Awareness Chanting, a spiritual offering that is heard and must be responded too due to the Law of Cause, Effect and Karma. When other peoples lives are in pain you have the power to Meditate and pray that they be touched by the Eternal Energies of the universal, mystic Law; that much of our Western world choose to call God.

Within the belief of the Law of Cause and Effect, as Buddhists we already assist in developing peace for our self and others. Every time we assist in One Persons Revolution towards confidence and well being, we are indeed helping peace in the family, in the Community and peace in our environment, which must spread both inward and outward.   We know today that scientists believe in this concept  for they have proven how the very flapping of a Butterfly’s wings, or the drone of a bee can be felt through vibrational energy for great distances. Your spiritual voice joins this natural universal Law your thoughts and voice powerful and empowering!

We know there are Seven earthly Essentials for personal peaceful empowerment:
1 ]     Health, Physical – Mental – Spiritual [the original Trinity]
2 ]    Right Attitude, towards our self and for others
3 ]    A belief system and understanding how it affects us and the people in our life [freedom]
4 ]    A manifestation of Ones power through Right Thought, Right Motivation, Right Action
5 ]    A manifestation of Ones power through Daily, Meditation and Prayer
6 ]    A devotion to Reflection, Review, Learning and Realization within Ones daily life
7 ]    Daily devotion to personal development towards “true-self” for peace and happiness for ourselves, enabling us to help others. The intention knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.

Personal Empowerment comes not from external effort, but from “within” your wisdom and human nature.  This means you can come to understand your inner, true nature. You can turn your learning, realization, and earthly desires to help your self and others into wisdom, harmony, joy, fun, and wonder!

Happiness and success mean different things to each of us. Even in the darkness of Winter, you have the power to help through your faith, empathy and ability to feel, listen, and see clearly.

Peaceful empowerment comes from being in touch with the meaning of these attributes so that  you can be enlightened. Remembering that “enlightenment is not some mystical, or transcen-dental state, as many might assume.  Rather, it is a condition of the highest wisdom, vitality and good fortune wherein an individual can shape his [her] own destiny, find fulfilment in daily activities and come to understand his [her] purpose in being alive.” Nichiren Daishonin 1253

Your personal empowerment is an active, dynamic way in which you can make a difference for peaceful means. Making your individual offerings to the universal Law, ever chanting the Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra, taking just twenty minutes a day out of twenty four hours, to Meditate for self and others, your offering for spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means.  May your blessings be many with this truth.

Thus It Has Been Shared…. Respectfully,  TM Henry

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