Time & Ten Worlds

 Time & Ten Worlds
Within the Buddhist Law we learn that the only sure thing, the only constant, is change. For some this is very frightening, others fight it with all their might to no avail, for the dharma Wheel of Life keeps rolling along the universe ever changing, expanding and collapsing.

One moment we are five years young and the next we are eighteen, and so on, asked where the time went the answer we receive will depend on the place, the parents, the teachers, that the person has lived with and as a part of, for we do live through others in many ways.  An important moment in life comes when we realize that we are responsible for all events in our life. This is not easy for most for few take the time to seek their inner self, find their own wisdom based on study and research; letting others, friends, family, teachers, employers the compass of their belief.

This is why the Buddha teaches that it is most difficult to become enlightened, for freedom is not about comfort, or control over others, freedom is not about power, it is about empowerment.   Freedom is based on the time of our personal karma within our universe, our task is to accept change wisely and find the truth within, that makes us happy, healthy and wise.

Pascal tells us that “time fits our nature, not only because it heals griefs and quarrels, but because time’s perpetual flow washes away the desperateness we suffer when we feel imprisoned in the present.”

Rather than being imprisoned in the present, the Buddhist philosophy shares with us that the Dharma Wheel of Life consists of Ten Worlds, governed through Ten Universal Factors and  Tien Tai shares this is controlled by the principle of Ichinen Sanzen. It is from this research and sharing that we find  “the Joy to discover why I AM, the person I AM, rare in the universe
to be born a human being, rarer still to discover and practice One’s Buddha nature.”  HL

When something happens to please us we are happy. When we are embarrassed by someone we may first feel humbled and then angry. When someone close dies we may suffer the loss for a long time.  When we intuitively “know” a truth we realize and grow.  When a child is born to us, most show love, compassion and gratitude.  Within the living philosophy of Buddha Dharma [Wisdom] the great Chinese teacher, priest and scholar  T’ien T’ai Chi-I explained this as ten life conditions which we as humans manifest from moment to moment.  The Ten Worlds work within the structure of the Ten Factors. The Ten Factors and Ten Worlds work within the mutual possession of three thousand realms in a single moment of life; Ichinen Sanzen each and all a particle of the Oneness of our universe. [please ask for more info on these important subjects]

If change is the only constant, then we are given the tools to works successfully within our ever changing world.  The Ten Worlds given to us to consider are: Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger,
Humanity and Heaven, The Six Worlds from Hell through Heaven are called the Six Lower Pathways and being in them is governed by external events and karma.  Each of the pathways are summoned by our life condition at the immediate moment, creating habits that change over time.

We are born into this world with one of the worlds as our major factor contained within our karma from past lifetimes.  Through the higher worlds of Learning and Realization we come to understand that if we do not have the good fortune to be in the higher worlds we can change that through personal growth, study and practice

And from the Buddhist perspective the Four Noble Worlds are: Learning, Realization, Bodhisattva and Buddhahood itself. The first earthly Buddha Shakyamuni, taught in his final teachings that the Ten Worlds are not actual places but rather potential life conditions inherent in each sentient being. The concept clearly helps us to understand why one moment we may be in the world of Anger and very soon after in the World of Happiness. At any moment, one of them will be manifest and the other nine sleeping, through karma reaction there is always change and the temporary nature of all life.

The concept of Mutual Possession teaches that each of the Ten Worlds is a particle of all ten worlds within it. This principle means that the reality of life is not fixed, only temporary. The Maka Shikan states,”Each of the Ten Worlds is endowed with all the others.”  The mutual possession explains the interrelationship of the Ten Worlds in connection with the Ten Factors
and the principle of Ichinen Sanzen. Each life condition is either in a latent or dormant state.

Your body and mind condition is different when you are awake than when you are asleep, but the conditions are not separated. Our life condition continually changes from moment to moment, but as we all know we are born and take on certain tendencies, personalities, traits; this is known as the “core life person.” Some being born in the World of Anger, others the World of Heaven.

So, being born a human delivers us onto one of the “pathways”where we go from there is our determination.  How wonderful to realize that we can become more, become compassionate,
learn to give, meditate, look after our “Spiritual Health,” study to become wise and awaken our Buddha nature to an enlightened state of being, helping self and others.

Accepting change by wisely listening to our inner self, believing our challenges are a means of finding health, happiness and success in life, which is different for each of us, should allow us to
believe for ourself. We all know that time, as we know it, does not stand still. It is what we do with the time we are given Now, that bring our past and present to bear on our future existence.
How important it is to be mindful, accepting, non judgmental and compassionate just as we are.

It is important to remember in the living philosophy of Buddha Wisdom that “enlightenment is not a mystical or transcendental state, as many might assume. Rather it is a condition of the highest wisdom, vitality and good fortune wherein the individual can shape his or her destiny, find fulfillment in daily activities, and come to understand his or her purpose in being alive.” Nichiren Daishonin, MW Vol.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, TM Henry
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