Perfect Meditation

Perfect Meditation is not some kind of mystical state, though we may well find chanting as a protection of ones Aura of our energy fields. It is not necessarily going deep into silence; it is a state that assists in taking away our fundamental darkness of doubt and illusion. Perfect meditation can be a walk in the park, the quietude of visualization on an object such as a candle flame, to focus on a spiritual Mandala or GoHonzon. Tien Tai, wise Chinese scholar, teacher, messenger Buddhist Priest said we need to slow down, to Stop and See what is in front of us, not easy in our current world of noise and distraction. The perfect meditation means a meditation style that works for us. It does not matter what kind of meditation one practices: awareness, insightfulness, bliss, contemplation, sound; the master key is the simple and profound method of observing ones mind. The practice of which makes it easier and easier to overcome the emotional mind and gain entrance to our miracle mindfulness.

As we grow in our ability and practice we are able to enter Prajna-paramita or perfection of wisdom with understanding and realization of our temporary nature. Thus we are able to accept the eternal truth of constant change as the reality of All phenomena. Accepting the wisdom to enjoy the good life we have achieved with the desire to share our happiness with others through loving kindness and empathy; we bring forth our Bodhisattva nature, the Ninth World in the Buddha Dharma Wheel. Perfect Meditation is any moment of recognition, a moment in the World of Realization, Eighth World of the Buddha Dharma Wheel, when we just know something to be true. It becomes a truth in our thoughts, motivations, future actions. Recognizing at the same time that there are many kinds of truth.

Mindfulness resides through the electro magnetic impulse that keep our brain so busy. So how we control the mind reflects on our Health of Body, Mind and Spirit. As we come back to the Breath, as we silently chant our mantra, as we let go and find our awareness, we can proceed to meditative light and energy; finding the perfect meditation. This allows us to be happy and joyous with Insightful Meditation; allowing us to be open minded, free to change our mind, as meditations bring us new ideas and answers to life’s challenges. We are reminded that all meditation comes from the ancient art of Yoga in the east. In our day and age Meditation means many different things to each of us. Certainly for half a century now, in North America meditation is realized and has proven to be a method of release from tension, a method to reduce heart and mind stress. Our body is the temple, our mind the magic; meditation the diamond jewel within.

We are reminded by Nichiren that “One should become the master of one’s mind rather than let one’s mind master him/her;” this is the perfect meditation.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, N. Henry, Nyudo Buddha

Perfect Meditation