My Teacher ~ My Friend

Henry friendship gateway

How grateful to have friends, how humble to have heard the universal Law. Many books read, many documentaries seen, many stories listened too; all on the goal of Life, the pathway to wisdom, which brings health, happiness and prosperity. How profound and fortunate to awaken to the Lotus Sutra, how grateful to be on the pathway to enlightenment and freedom in this lifetime.

Our life on this saha world of Mother Earth, a time of endurance, of birth, personal challenges, growth, change. How fortunate then to find a teacher of the Law and a friend for all time.  This friend shares “joy in the Law, and pleasure in meditation.”  A pathway to faith practice, study, meditation. Meditation coming in many forms, active contemplation, silent concentration, visualization. I am thankful for my teacher, tireless in teaching the universal Buddha wisdom teachings, the Dharma. Sharing with me in my challenges, advising me to put aside confusion and doubt.  Sharing the Four Noble Truths, that lead to the release of pain and suffering.

The Buddha’s prediction in Chapter Ten, A Teacher of the Law: “after the passing of the Tathagata [ teacher of the Law] if there be any people who hear even a single verse or a single word of the Wonderful Law-Flower Sutra, and by a single thought delight in it, for them Perfect Enlightenment.  Again, let there be any who receive and keep, read, and recite, expound and copy even a single verse of the Wonderful Law-Flower Sutra, and look upon this sutra with reverence as if it were the Buddha, and make offerings to it in various ways…….  know that you have already met the Buddha in past lifetimes.”

Face to face with my Teacher, I hear my own prediction!  I am grateful to my teacher,  my friend, I have no more doubts.  In the department of peace, I take the initiative to face my own karma, to work through it with the guidance of the Law, the study of the dharma. There is no conflict here, only acceptance.  In the Lotus Sutra we find;  “the Medicine King hearing even only a single verse of the Wonderful Law-Flower Sutra, my prediction for perfect enlightenment,” a prediction  of the Buddha, to dwell on, meditating deeply in humble gratitude.

Now with My Teacher, I purify my karma, and share with even one person this beautiful teaching of prosperity, that I may find enlightenment.  Abiding in the Buddha Dharma, accomplishing intuitive wisdom, I honour My Friend with folded hands, I bow to my teacher, together we find perfect freedom, enabling us to help others. Praising the mystic Law, I know great happiness.

It is forewarned, “if anyone, even with a single word, defames the lay believers or the teachers who read and recite the Flower Law Sutra, his/her breach of the Law shall be extremely heavy.” Chap. 10 L/S

Opening the door to wisdom my teacher, my friend knows the correct way to bring the Buddha Dharma to me, he enters my home, wearing sincerity as his garment, kneeling before my altar he declares a space of spiritual awareness within, he is gentle and forbearing, he enjoins all the Realms of Existence to be here, calling the Light and Energy of the Universal Law to be here opening my eyes, so that “I will from time to time cause the teacher of the Law, to see me.”

Whether in a body of others or in a place of seclusion, I know I am a fortunate One, to have a teacher and a friend.  Causing others and myself to rejoice, I know now that “whoever is close to a teacher of the Law, will speedily attain the bodhisattva-way; and respectful of my teacher, I will behold the Buddha’s of all Ten Directions.”

I will acquire infinite merit, free to be reborn in the eternal Light. I pay my debt of gratitude in my meditations for Health, Happiness and Prosperity!  I am grateful to My Teacher, My Friend in this lifetime and the next.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, #N. Henry, Master Teacher/Messenger

My Teacher, My Friend