My Teacher, My Friend

How grateful to have friends, how humble to have heard the universal Law. Many books read, many documentaries seen, many stories listened too; all on the goal of Life, the pathway to wisdom, which brings health, happiness and prosperity. How profound and fortunate to awaken to the Lotus Sutra, how grateful to be on the pathway to enlightenment and freedom in this lifetime.

Earthly Desires

I deeply appreciate your visit here and your constant concern over the numerous persecutions which have befallen me. I have met these great persecutions as the votary of the Lotus Sutra and do not regret them in the slightest. No life could be more fortunate than mine, no matter how many times one might repeat the cycle of birth and death.

Three Treasures

Three Kinds of Treasure                                                                                   Three Kinds of Treasure, Health, Happiness and personal Empowerment.. Mind, Body, and Spirit, the Trinity of this lifetime. The Five Challenges: Family, Relationships, Career, Health and Economics a part of daily life. Being human is not

Devotional Offerings

Devotional Offerings                                                               Reciting the Hoben and Juryo chapters of the Lotus Sutra reveals and supports the great merit of offering Sound Meditation ~ Chanting [ Daimoku ] During morning and evening liturgy meditation we may recite portions of the