BC Non Profit Number S-48418
A Federal Registered Charity # BN8591688833RR001

2018 Annual General Meeting

Sunday, 25th November, 2018

Celebration of nearly 3,000 years since the establishment of the Buddha Dharma
Celebration of 798 Years since the Sage Nichiren Daishonin was born
Celebration of the 16th AGM of Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko Society®
Celebration of 33nd Bodhi Anniversary our Founder/Teacher/Monk, N. Henry

16th Annual Nichiren AGM meeting held at McLay Heritage Guest House, Hostess Teresa Emory

  • Meeting called to Order at Noon with serving of Light Luncheon and Social gathering.
  • Meeting Secretary: Moved by Kelly Robertson that Penny Kellett be recording Secretary
  • Seconded by: John Arthur Douglas Passed UNAM Penny accepts
  • Attendance: Board Members: Kelly Robertson, Henry Landry, Penny Kellett-Landry,
  • Members in Attendance: Teresa Emery, Maria Hiles
  • Guests: John Arthur Douglas, Michael Richard Helmer Keir
  • Regards from: Cori, in Belgium, Laurie, in New Westminster, Tina Foster

Download 2018 AGM minutes (PDF)

AGM Minutes – 2018