Attaining Buddhahood

Understanding that becoming “awakened” or a Buddha is not an easy task we are blessed to know the state of ultimate wisdom and enlightenment is possible. This in itself is an eye opener; the highest wisdom is achieve-able in this lifetime! The great scholar, teacher and Chinese Priest, Tien Tai Ch’I, a thousand years after Shakyamuni’s passing tells us that the buddha energy from the teachings and practice is vertical and horizontal, is separate and perfect, is neither and is both. Is empty and is full. Is merging and not merging. What Joy when he further shares with us, a perfect integration concerns incorporating all dharmas, as all affairs in the mundane world do not violate the Ultimate Truth.” i.e. that Buddhahood is attainable.

Then twelve hundred years later Nichiren Daishonin, tells us: common mortals can attain Buddhahood if they cherish one thing; earnest faith. In the deepest sense earnest faith is the will to understand and live up to the spirit, not the words, of the teachings.” Tien Tai Ch’I goes on to explain that when we speak of the vertical teachings we are talking about the World of Learning, reading, writing, copying, chanting the sutra of the Lotus Flower. When we are talking about the horizontal teachings we are talking about the World of Realization, meditation, moments of clarity beyond all doubt, living in the moment of Perfect Harmony. It is the nature of Ones practice that leads to throwing off half truths. Departing from too much busyness to a balance of learning, realizing, gaining wisdom, finding moments of pure enlightenment; before returning to the saha, mundane world of endurance.

Our levels of attainment express our position of spiritual energy. The various positions we take severs our perception of provisional lifestyle and lead us towards a perfect lifestyle of indestructible BE-ing. With study and practice we rid ourselves of false views, wrong attitudes and ignorance; which opens us to the Eighth World of Realization, within the understanding of the Ten Worlds concept.

In our vertical understanding we will obtain three virtuous qualities leading to Buddhahood. Our spiritual nature takes on the quality of excellent wisdom, purity of mind and freedom or liberation from the chains that held us back before arriving at the Four Doors. In the position of the horizontal we find learning unnecessary, practice and Realization become One. Inasmuch as our knowledge has lead us to the Bodhi Tree of enlightenment; life and love have become transparent, we become empowered to accept all people, places and events without judgement. They just are! When we accept that all pain and suffering, health and happiness come from the same energy; we become free.

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Calming the mind leads to contemplation which with time brings peace of mind. Peace of mind brings clarity and what we may call progress, that is explanations become unnecessary, the Four Noble Truths accepted as One, moves to perfecting the Eightfold Pathway. Understanding that we are on a human journey, perfection then is a mind-set. We are only required to do our best, ever achieving levels of Nirvana based on our faith, practice and personal World of Realization.

Attaining buddhahood is described: “their wisdom profound and infinite…. difficult  to understand and difficult to enter.” L/S, 2, p. 51 Which is why we make our daily offering to the Buddha’s [Bonten, Taishaku] Sun [ Nitten], Moon [Gatten ] and Light, [ Myojoten ] and all other Shoten Zenjin [ positive life protecting energies.]

Attaining buddhahood cannot be understood by powers of thought or our will power. Buddha knowledge does come from our study and practice, such knowledge in turn leads to great strength of faith, which leads us to the World of Realization beyond the World of Learning. In other words it is all natural, always was and always will Be.

We send our voices clear and pure, sending forth [softly] sounding tones,” we therefore chant, to send forth the mystic sound.” L/S, 2, p. 56 Forever chanting Namu~ MyoHo ~ Renge~Kyo, Nam ~MyoHo~ Renge~Kyo.

We are now ready to hear the words “know that nothing has an independent existence, and that buddha-seeds spring from a [dependent] cause.” L/S, 3, p. 70  “Hearing the gentle voice of the Buddha, my heart is filled with Joy, My doubts and regrets forever ended. I AM at rest in real wisdom; I am sure I will become a Buddha.” L/S, 3, p. 81

How wonderful, how wonderful.   Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, N. Henry, Nyudo Buddha

Attaining Buddhahood