Our Far Reaching Voice

We chant the all-inclusive title of the Lotus Sutra because it states in Chapter Ten of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma, “if there is someone, whether man or woman, who in the time after my passing [secretly] teaches to one person even a single phrase of the Lotus Sutra, let it be known that he or she is the envoy of the Buddha, sent to carry out the Buddha’s work.” or “One who recites even one word or phrase of the Lotus Sutra and who speaks about it to another person is the emissary of the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni.” And what is the Buddha’s work? Is it not to awaken the Buddha spirit, the Buddha philosophy within all people so that each person can bring an end to their doubts, illusions and sufferings? This is the promise of the Buddha teachings within the infinite title of the Twenty Eight Chapters of Lotus Sutra.

In Chapter Two of the Lotus Sutra it says, “honestly discarding the provisional teachings…. the world honoured One has long expounded his doctrines and now will reveal all” [the rounding out, the completion of his teachings.] Therefore, chanting the Five In One Meditation of Nam~Myoho~Renge~Kyo makes it profoundly easy for everyone of us to spread the doctrine of the Buddha’s highest teachings. But, how can we be sure this is right not only for us, but also for our neighbours, for friends and those we reach out and touch daily? Faith is a personal journey, the evolution and revolution of the provisional individual Self, the words of the Lotus Sutra are the manifestation of the Buddha’s oral teachings put down in writing by his Master Teachers shortly after his passing into Nirvana on earth. And completed by Narajuna over 300 years after the Guatama Shakyamuni’s passing. In One’s Garden of Wisdom, they are the most excellent seeds to plant, mature and harvest. The Lotus Sutra is the heart and the mind of the Buddha and in chanting its Infinite Title we give back to the universal Law and the Buddha our energy and chant that we desire peace on mother earth, spiritual sustain-ability and peace in our lives. When chanting Nam~Myoho~Renge~Kyo and looking at the Gohonzon Mandala try and visualize; feel the bliss of the living essence of the Buddha here in the present moment. Feel the spiritual energy that is here in this moment of now!

This then brings us to Zennchimaro, the young fishermans son, who later became the Priest Zesho-bo, and then taking the name Nichiren or Sun Lotus, telling Myomitsu the wife of the local War Lord, “Why did I first begin to chant as I do? Bodhisattva Jogyo is the one destined… to propagate the five characters of Nam-MyoHo-Renge -Kyo, .. I began as though speaking in a dream, hardly knowing what I was doing…..”
“I am neither a sage nor a worthy man; never the less I was born some 2,220 years after the passing of the Buddha in the fifth hundred year period when the chanting [Daimoku] of the Lotus Sutra is destined to be spread, I began chanting Nam ~ Myoho~Renge~Kyo in a loud voice and have continued to do so for more than twenty years.”  Shakyamuni came to earth in human form and struggling with his earthly existence became awakened to the truth about all existence and these became the universal teachings of the Middle Way for past, present and future, for our neighbourhood and Buddhist Community. Which brings us back to the reasoning of why we chant the Infinite Title of the Law-Flower Sutra, the Namu~Myoho~Renge~Kyo of the Lotus Sutra, in the here and now. We read in Chapter Ten among all the Sutra’s I preach, the Lotus Sutra holds first place. Chapter Eleven says, I have in countless different lands from the beginning until now widely preached various sutra’s, but among them this sutra is foremost.  In the Fifth chapter, it is stated that the Lotus Sutra, holds the highest place. Moreover the Lotus Sutra explains the doctrine of the Mutual Possession of the Ten Worlds, the containment of eternal Oneness of past, present and future. With this comes the realization that Sound Meditation goes beyond doctrinal truth, it goes to the actuality of seeing, hearing, BE-ing within the energy flow of the Light and Eternal mysteries.
We let our faith and practice expand into our Joy, Health and Happiness.

Reading and hearing how Shakyamuni and Nichiren both had to find their Way, just like you and I, makes us humbly realize that the teachings, our practice and personal Realizations take us beyond all doubt, onto wonderment, bringing Peaceful Means to our individual Saha World of Endurance.

Let each of us, as we approach the end of another year offer grateful thanks giving acknowledging our Spiritual Voice. Let us pray for release from all the pain and suffering that is too relevant in our society today!  Together let us use our Sound Meditation for peace within and deep spiritual sustain-ability for all people here on the Pure Land of our mother Earth.       Thus It Has Been Shared………Respectfully, #N.Henry, Nyudo Buddha

Far Reaching Voice
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