Meaning of Hokkeko ~ Organization of Buddhist Lay Persons

The Hokkeko is a group of sincere people who have taken a vow to spread the word of Buddha Dharma/Wisdom and to live a life of personal growth, health and happiness for themselves and others.

For Nichiren believers firstly this means understanding and accepting that a boy born in Awa Kominato, Japan, who following many years of faith and study took the name Nichiren, [ Sun Lotus ] and founded the Nichiren Sect or school of the Mahayana Buddha Dharma, proclaiming that all people could attain enlightenment in this lifetime through faith, practice, study and meditation. Offering a fundamental way to do this was by method of sound mediation, the profound chanting of the Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra, Namu~ Myoho~Renge~Kyo, “which contains All the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings for all time.” Secondly, through actual practice of accepting life’s challenges as opportunity one is able to expatiate negative karma into positive karma. Thirdly, by accepting Ones Buddha nature, living a lifestyle of health and happiness, then passing this living philosophy of actual proof on to others.

In his lifetime, Nichiren inscribed the story of Buddha Messengers on a Mandala or Gohonzon, enabling all people to be able to concentrate on the enlightenment of actuality very different from enlightenment in some future lifetime of Pure Land and Therevada Dharma. Hokkeko members take a personal vow to protect the Laws of the Buddha-way. Each member may receive a Gohonzon Mandala for their visual concentration and daily meditations, on the Gohonzon Nichiren inscribed:“Sincerely to the people of Hokkeko.”

During the past seven hundred and ninety seven years since the birth of Nichiren and later his founding of the Buddhist Sect of Nichiren the Hokkeko followers of the Lotus teachings, have at times had to remain hidden due to government and political times. But, since the end of the Second World War and the Freedom of Religion Act, in Japan, almost thirty million people in over one hundred Countries have become aware of this Buddha-way and have assisted in the building of Temples, Centers, Community Sangha’s, for the spread of the Buddha Dharma.

In the By-Laws of the Hokkeko organization Chapter Covenant, Article Three it states: “They will help one another to increase and advance the three practices of faith, practice , study and will protect and strive for the prosperity of their local groups. Herein lies the great objective of sharing the Great Law.”  With the spread of the 5th Wave of Independent Nichiren Sangha’s many people are coming
to appreciate how they can find happiness in small local groups, supporting each other. It is the task of elder members to teach and share their knowledge as Hokkeko members, while the International Translation Committee continues to work on the translation into several languages of the over 500 documents left by Nichiren.

Now, we can appreciate that our Buddhist philosophy is exciting and real; being one of actual proof. By understanding the needs of those awakened to their Buddha nature Hokkeko members can assist others find answers to their questions about the challenges of life. Buddhists are goal oriented and realize that world peace cannot come about unless each individual is first at peace with him/her self; accepting the responsibility to spread this life of happiness and peaceful means to loved ones, to the local community and to all those suffering from life’s illusions.

In North America, there are fourteen Temples of Nichiren Shoshu and Nichiren Shu, there are two main Centers of Administration and some thirty Independent Sanghas, while in Europe and other parts of the World the chanting of the Infinite Title of the Lotus Sutra spreads far and wide. When you have some time Google – Nichiren and see all the various Nichiren information. Members are encouraged to go on Pilgrimage to the Land of Nichiren, for a Japan Temple Tour, to deepen their faith and find more joy in their life.

Each day Hokkeko followers of the Lotus, members chant the sound of Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, over and over sending this energy force out into the universe to connect with the Shoten Zenjin, seeking the nourishment of these Guardians so that they will be able to continually protect those who embrace their Buddha nature. This is known as conscious communication, the active dynamics of Cause and Effect. The goal of Nichiren Daishonin was to bestow the seeds of Buddhahood to all and, as T’ien t’ai Chi I stated in the Middle Day of the Law, “Receive the teaching because of the powers of faith, and keep it because of the power of determination.”

The object of faith for a Hokkeko member then is to live dynamic, fun, happy, outstanding life through the discovery and development of their Buddha nature. – So may it be, in your lives!

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, N. Henry, Nyudo Buddha

Meaning of Hokkeko
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