Three Kinds of Treasure                                                                                  

Three Kinds of Treasure, Health, Happiness and personal Empowerment.. Mind, Body, and Spirit, the Trinity of this lifetime. The Five Challenges: Family, Relationships, Career, Health and Economics a part of daily life. Being human is not easy task. So how can we ensure “Ga shi do annon!” the land we live in is peaceful?

Within our Buddha teachings we find that when our Buddha-nature is opened from ones inner self our lives will indeed find protection, from the universal Law of eternal light and energy. This is a fundamental principle going back to the Buddha’s original teachings; the Nirvana Sutra shares “I deeply respect you.” The Lotus Sutra says: “All living things possess the Buddha-nature.” Although there is now over seven billion people on earth it is still rare to be born a human when we consider the vastness of our universe. Science teaches us that each and every human body and mind contains billions of cellular lives to sustain one human Being. How rare and wonderful!

Confucius gave us the proverb: “Nine thoughts to one word,” such treasure of wisdom! Yet today we are surrounded by the ever increasing sound of noise, advertising, multi-media spreading half truths, scaring people out of their wits about health problems that helps sell billions of dollars of drugs, while taking natures drugs such as learning Meditation is considered not worthy of respect. A time when if ten thousand people are for something and ten people against, the media will give equal time to both parties as if this was balance and truthfulness. How can we know calm peaceful means in daily life with so much gossip, half truths and noise all around?

We are the fortunate few as the Lotus Sutra shares with us that our peaceful means must come from within! We are blessed with having found within our Buddha-nature and our trinity of Cause, Karma and Effect. When we take the time to go for a walk, to practice our chanting daily, meditating on what is true for us, practicing our “specific” Buddha-way with a healthy Liturgy daily practice, we practice humility and quiet inner Joy.

What qualities should we practice in seeking life’s Treasures? We are told these qualities include: discipline, sincerity, self-respect, diligence, quietude, contentment with little, keeping life simple and smart, practicing patience and the study of our true nature. This is the way of Nichiren: “More valuable than treasures in a storehouse are treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.”

In the wonderful Sixteenth Chapter of the Lotus Sutra on Eternal Life; the Buddha shares “Men [women] of devout faith, when the people came to me, I perceived with the eyes of a Buddha the degree of their faith and other qualities. Depending upon whether their capacities were keen or dull, I made my appearance, teaching in many different worlds, using different names, and explaining how long a period my teaching would be effective.

On other occasions when I made my advent, I told the people that I would soon enter nirvana, [leaving this life ] and I employed many methods to expound the wonderful teachings and caused the people to be gladdened in their hearts.”

Our Journey Of Life

How we relate to these words becomes clear when our joyous faith awakens “us” to our treasury of Life. In this statement the Buddha shares with us we need look at the mirror of our life and
see the degree of our happiness and personal empowerment in this temporary world. Next, he shares are we keen on life for we all have our personal karmic challenges, light and heavy. The Buddha tells us we can find answers to our challenges by researching what works best for us. This is the journey of life. He tells us that life is a series of lessons, some long, some short. Sometimes sharing with one person, sometimes with another, sometimes in one job, sometimes in another. He warns us while life is eternal, how prepared are we to leave this world? Do we have our Will up to date, have we squared with all the people in our life? What can we do to gladden our hearts on a daily basis that we may enjoy the Treasures of this lifetime and be prepared for our next lifetime in the Light and Energy of our Universe?

It is difficult for us to fathom that the Buddha-nature is inherent in the life of all people, as we see all the Ego centered personalities abounding. We may think others better off than we are,
but true riches are found in peaceful means. We think other peoples circumstances are better
than our own. We think Shakyamuni, Tien Tai and Nichiren were unique persons and indeed
they were, yet in the Eternal Life Chapter Shakyamuni tells us he has been repeatedly born into this world as a human being possessing the nine worlds of common mortals. By sharing this with us, he is explaining through his example, that there is in fact no difference between the Buddha and our own Buddha-nature.

This is why the Three Treasures of Joy, Health and Happiness, can be ours. Good physical
health habits assist in good mental activity. Our daily spiritual practice brings manifest protection within and without, building our Auras of energy which leads to our treasures of Body, Mind
and Spirit. We are the fortunate ones for we know how to live life to the fullest, in harmony and balance, practicing the Middle Pathway. My daily Meditation for each of you, is that you find treasures in your storehouse, treasures in your mind and most importantly treasures in your heart. HL

Shindoku = the traditional reciting of verse sections of the 2nd, Fundamental Means and 16th, Eternal Life, Chapters of the Lotus Sutra, translated into Chinese, by Kumarajiva with its original meaning
and melody of the even older Sanskrit version of India. Giving back the Buddha original teachings,
as an offering for peace in our world today.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, #N. Henry,Nyudo Buddha

Three Treasures
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