The next retreat is planned for February 2019.

  • Coffee/Tea/Snacks
  • Transportation and pick up is available,  there is good free parking
  • Open kitchen, washrooms, meditation walkways for your enjoyment
  • This Retreat is in the wilds of the forest, please dress for the outdoors

*With consideration for those on minimum budgets, please email for a discount.


With this profound retreat Tien Tai Chi’I tells us there are Ten Methods we follow:

  1. the purification of the place of practice, in our spiritual forest retreat garden
  2. cleansing of the body, a daily walking meditation and swim in our Cowichan River
  3. daily meditation on ones Mindfulness
  4. a devotional offering of chanting and Liturgy morning and evening
  5. a devotional offering of our desire to awaken and achieve wisdom
  6. purification of our human senses, through InSight Meditation
  7. work share: on our Meditation Pathways
  8. listening to the Dharma, meditating on the Dharma
  9. awareness silent Meditation, personal growth daily exercise
  10. Writing and preserving in your Spiritual Diary

Open discussion during your daily time with the Teacher /Messenger/Monk. Each participant will have an opportunity to share, to grow, to give, to receive and enjoy the Sounds of Silence.  This retreat is about personal growth as a human being and as a Bodhisattva of the Earth, as explained in the Lotus Sutra.  Each morning starts with chanting, acknowledging the Three Treasures, calling on the Buddha’s of the Ten Directions, and giving thanks for the protection of the Four Bodhisattva’s sworn to protect those who have taken on such a profound practice as dedicating a day, days or the whole week in this lifetime  to do relax, reflect, practice in the Worlds of Learning and Realization. Including work share in the Community Garden and on the meditation trails as we offer our pioneering efforts on this beautiful land.

Namaste – “the spirit in me, sees the spirit in you.”

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, N. Henry, Nyudo Buddha

“So many words of wisdom for me to go home and contemplate. Really enjoyed this Retreat. I also love your humour and look forward to many more happy days of learning and realization from you and your sharing from this beautiful Forest Retreat Center.”
~ With gratitude, Susanne

“What an honour to have found such a beautiful teacher. It has been a blessing to be welcomed into your warm and inviting Forest Buddha Center. I feel the great support here. I look forward to many more moments of sharing.”
~ Michelle Attenby, Duncan, BC

About our Guide Teacher

HenryN. Henry, a Buddhist Teacher/Messenger/Monk, a Life Skills Coach and Counsellor, he offers many years of Faith, Practice, Study, Meditation.  He was appointed Kanji, Buddhist leader/teacher by the High Priest of the Head Temple in Japan in 1994.

Two of his books are currently available worldwide:  “Buddha Nature Now” a laypersons Guide”  5th Anniversary Edition,  “Meditation, the Art & Act of Mindfulness – 2016”

Our Teacher is the Administrator of the Nichiren Peace Center, here in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.  Our Community Sangha is the: Nichiren Buddha Hokkeko [Lotus] Society® founded in 2003.

Welcome….  Considering a Retreat can lead to new understanding and realizations, about One’s Self and the discovery of wonderful new personal empowerment! All our retreats are based on the Mahayana Buddha way to Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, #N. Henry

2019 Retreat Schedule