Our Seasonal Retreats are now Open for the 2019 Season!  Welcome to our Nichiren Peace Center, we have two Retreat Huts for visitors and retreat participants alike, also with Tent sites and our new  Library for Inspirational reading sign out.  If you are simply looking for a day or two to get away from the city and noise, if you want a little time for Your Self to unwind, then our beautiful, quiet two acres of Forest alongside the Heritage Cowichan River will definitely help.


As you can see, we are deep in the forest and a very basic campground set up in our pioneering vision and goals. Therefore staying here is basic. We have a nice fire pit for relaxing by, and we have begun our Meditation Pathways with Meditation benches to sit quietly here in the forest of Cowichan Valley.

A nice fully stocked community kitchen, a nice washroom and a basic spa bath.

Suggested donation at $25 a night for up to 10 Days. Retreat Hut #2 can hold two people, Retreat Hut #3 can hold four people. Please call or Txt. for full information.  250. 710 7594


To reserve one of the retreat huts, please get in touch or call 250-710-7594.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, N. Henry, Nyudo Buddha


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