“May your words of wisdom reach out to those in need and may the Sun always shine upon you tucked away here in the magical forest.”

~ Ben & Veronica, Gaspe, Quebec

“Thank you for the awakening.”

~ Leslie & Benjamin, Thetis Island, BC

“Wonderful peaceful energy here, thank you for this beautiful weekend retreat. Follow up is important so I will be signing up for the daily meditations.”

~ Jacqueline Crawford, Mississauga, ON

“Inspiring, Henry, you are a truly genuine, loving teacher with a beautiful heart. Thank you for jump starting my spiritual journey.”

~ Glenda McLean

“I have already felt transformational energy and the love of this community, I feel at home, this Retreat is what I have been looking for.”

~ Larry Howie

“A wonderful community and loving teacher of the Buddha’s Message.”

~ Janet Curley, Duncan, BC

“Nice to begin fulfilling the Buddha’s teachings I have received here. Coming into my quiet Self.”

~ Emily Gonzales

“We have stayed two days in the Retreat Cabin and love this beautiful forest Retreat Garden.”

~ Kitty & Greg Givena

“A wonderful place blessed with peace and tranquility. A magnificent way to connect with our inner beauty and that of this Buddha land.”

~ Andrew, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful Retreat spent in this such a beautiful place of peace. I have learned so much, Henry, from your teachings of the Buddha-way; I leave enriched.”

~ Joanne Van Weren

“Thank you Henry, for sharing your passion and gifts with us at today’s Retreat. Blessings to you with gratitude.”

~ Jessica Lucus

“Thank you, Henry. I learned a lot from your teachings today and met some really nice people.”

~ Enrike Vife

“A wonderful day, wonderful people, learning and realization, my faith re-affirmed. Just what the ‘Medicine King’ ordered.”

~ Maria Hiles

“Another amazing day, I have learned a great deal and eagerly await day two of this ‘Buddha In the Park’ three-day retreat.”

~ Laurie Wilson, New Westminster, BC

“A great Retreat of learning with a wonderful teacher and leader and with the special people I have met here.”

~ Thank you. Bernard

“What a pleasant surprise! I have not only found profound peace, but also a kind and generous new teacher friend. Thank you, Henry, for your attention to Karen and myself on this private Couples Retreat.”

~ Namaste Lois St. Pierre, Quebec

“Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I feel much cared for by all present here in this amazing peaceful, Buddhist Center. Very grateful and respectful of your teachings Henry. Look forward to the weekly follow up blogs.”

~ Cori Bellon, Belgium

“It is wonderful to share this Retreat Center, this place of refuge and enlightenment.”

~ Stan Skretting, Victoria, BC

“Thank you for your wisdom and humour Henry, thank you for sharing this Buddha Forest Center with us, while helping us to walk through life and help us understand how to reach inner and long lasting happiness.”

~ Jen and Amilina

“So many words of wisdom for me to go home and contemplate. Really enjoyed this Retreat. I also love your humour and look forward to many more happy days of learning and realization from you and your sharing from this beautiful Forest Retreat Center.”

~ With gratitude, Susanne

“What an honour to have found such a beautiful teacher. It has been a blessing to be welcomed into your warm and inviting Forest Buddha Center. I feel the great support here. I look forward to many more moments of sharing.”

~ Michelle Attenby, Duncan, BC