The Year of Many Treasures

Henry friendship gatewaySo many good things are happening as we continue to build a permanent Peace Park for our Buddhist Community; as we assist all who come here for spiritual sustain-ability and peaceful means in life!

Thank you for considering to donate online here at BeGiving.

The Vision and goal is for a Legacy of Peace a sanctuary for all people. A walk in the quiet forest for a thousand years  assisting people to get away from the noise and find spiritual refreshment and peaceful means. We all live with a strong desire to help others, and I believe it is this desire and vision to help others that leads one to wisdom and enlightenment. Thank you for taking a few moments of your day to reflect on the goals of most of humanity; the attainment of health and happiness in One’s life.

A place of retreat, a peace center and community gathering place. A landscape of natural online forest that runs alongside a protected heritage river, a place where people come to find harmony in their life. You can make a difference!  Our social network is no longer is just the neighbour next door, today family, friends, work associates, people we  share with on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and in person, is our everyday social network.

Even if you can’t donate a dollar, you can become a “champion” for peace. Who do you now who could be interested in financial aide? You can help by sharing with some of the people you know.   You can assist with “in kind” donations, financial donations, and social contact donations.  Thanks for your time and considerations.

The Long Term Goal

The Long Term Goal, simple and profound, a Park of natural beauty, a place of peacefulness with the opportunity to assist those who suffer from the stress of life. A land for those who have need of getting away from the busyness that causes Health issues; a land of gracefulness, with a teacher of compassion who offers an awakening to the important issues of this world and this life.  A sharing of offerings that encompass Ones past, present and future.  This park we call Lotus Land an offering in the here and now.  Come for a visit, come walk the land, come see and feel the light and energy of a thousand years!

Ask for our complete “Discovery Package, we can send it via E-Booklet, or regular mail, your choice.  Your Questions and inquiries responded to respectfully.

Thus It Has Been Shared, Respectfully, Henry Landry, Administrator, Teacher

Vancouver Island Retreat Garden, Nichiren Peace Center, a Buddhist Community
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